Reset Your Life.

Reset Your Life.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Basicreset Aqualyte

Aqualyte is a sachet (tiny tea bag) of specially processed coral minerals and is known as "The Secret of the World's Oldest Man". In as little as 5 minutes, it transforms ordinary drinking water into antioxidant, alkaline water, rich in ionic minerals. Once you put a sachet of AquaLyte into any kind of water, that water is quickly transformed into "healing water". Drinking AquaLyte water gently helps the body rid itself of toxins and brings your body systems into proper pH balance. Now you can have the very water that the people of Okinawa drink, which is attributed to their excellent health and longevity.....without the trip to Japan! You will never want to drink "ordinary water" again. One AquaLyte pack contains 30 sachets which makes a total of 15 gallons of healthy water.
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This is "The Secret" Why Okinawans are the Healthiest,
Longest Living People in the World.

Here are 12 benefits you may experience while drinking this "Miraculous Water"…
  1. Increases oxygenation, improves energy levels and athletic performance
  2. Helps to reduce, or eliminate aches and pains in joints and muscles
  3. Helps to improve digestion and eliminate problems of over-acidity
  4. Combats "acidosis" which many doctors and scientists believe to be the root cause of most diseases
  5. Turns water into a powerful anti-oxidant to shield your body from free radicals, before they can cause any harm
  6. Helps to remove toxins at the cellular level
  7. Helps protect your body from the effects of premature aging and wrinkles
  8. Replenishes vital minerals lost in water treatment and bottled water, especially distilled and reverse osmosis which have no minerals
  9. Helps to prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis
  10. Restructures water molecules for better absorption and hydration
  11. Eliminates chlorine and removes chemicals in tap water
  12. Aids any weight loss program

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